Franchise Speaker & Author Scott Greenberg

Scott knows business. For more than ten years he ran a thriving multiunit Edible Arrangements franchise enterprise that won the “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards out of more than 1000 locations worldwide. He’s presented keynotes and workshops to countless corporations, associations and franchise systems. He’s seen the best and the worst and learned what it takes to grow a thriving business. Scott will help your franchisees think, lead and serve more effectively so they can get more results for their effort.

Meet franchise expert Scott Greenberg: one-part business game-changer, one-part motivational leader. As a multi-unit, award-winning Edible Arrangements franchise owner whose operation won international recognition: “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year,” Scott wrote the book on what it takes to transform businesses from average to extraordinary. Scott delves into the HUMAN factors of business that directly impact how well people work that will help grow your bottom line.

Scott helps leaders THINK at a higher level with a peak performance mindset that keeps emotions in check and yields the clearest, most productive perspective possible. He helps them LEAD more effectively so they can develop their teams into a high-performance workforce. Then he helps them SERVE customers better than anyone and create emotionally satisfying experiences customers remember, talk about, and want to repeat. Improving business from the inside out, he co-created an innovative management diagnostic and leadership tool, 30-Second Leadership™, that enhances employee mindset, skill-set and performance.

Powerful live and virtual presentations that are engaging, high-energy and customized to your organization. Scott will get your franchise owners excited about their business goals and help make them a reality. As a sought-after international speaker, Scott ignites audiences with engaging, high-energy and customized programs that leave audience members with proven strategies and long-lasting inspiration. From McDonalds, YPO, Great Clips, the U.S. Air Force, RE/MAX, Allstate, Wyndham Hotel Group to many other organizations worldwide, one thing is for sure, Scott is the expert organizations call on to boost performance and elevate their business.

Scott is author of The Wealthy Franchisee: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar, published by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a VIP contributor to Entrepreneur and a frequent columnist for Nation’s Restaurant News, Global Franchise Magazine, and QSR Magazine. Contact Scott now to discuss how he can help you take your organization to the NEXT LEVEL.

Scott’s speeches are customized to the unique challenges and growth initiatives of the franchise organization. He works with your team to understand your audience, event theme and goals for the presentation by conducting calls and surveys with franchisees and leaders. His programs and concepts can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience.

Game-Changing Steps to Grow Your Business and Become a Wealthier (and Healthier) Franchisee
Creating Joyful Workplaces That Attract, Retain and Elevate Performance
Turn Your Hourly Workers into a Top Performing Team
What Every Manager Needs to Know to Retain Employees, Coach Them to Greatness and Keep Them Engaged

The Human Factors of RESILIENCE & RESULTS


Game-Changing Steps to Grow Your Business and Become a Wealthier (and Healthier) Franchisee

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Business Growth, Mindset, Motivation, Peak Performance

Get ready to achieve breakthrough performance and growth!  In Scott’s signature and most-requested keynote, he will share with you how to transform your business from average to extraordinary. Scott helps franchisees think, lead and serve at a higher level. With over 10 years as an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee and coach for countless brands, he will show you HOW top franchisees achieve consistent, profitable results (beyond doing more marketing and finding better employees).

In this engaging, practical keynote program, Scott will show you how to:

THINK like a high performer. Take control of your brain to ensure your mindset is an asset to the organization, not a detriment.

LEAD in a way that promotes both the skill set and mindset of individual team members while also uniting them into a proud, loyal, and collaborative workforce that genuinely wants the best for the organization and the people it serves.

SERVE customers and the community by creating emotionally satisfying experiences that will quickly produce referrals and loyal repeat business. Get out of your head and get into your business so you can:

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and streamline operations
  • Build MORE WEALTH from the operation you already have
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion
  • Inspire employees and delight customers
  • Reduce stress, maintain a healthier lifestyle and have more fun running your business




Creating Joyful Workplaces that Attract, Retain and Elevate

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Leadership, Employee Retention, Team Building, Corporate Culture

In today’s marketplace, employers are competing as much for employees as they are customers. But recruiting team members means very little if you can’t keep them, or if you can’t get them to perform. By creating a best-in-class workplace, you’ll naturally attract, retain, and boost talent, and ultimately grow your organization. In other words, to grow a high-profit business, you first need to grow a high-performance culture. That means going beyond ping pong tables, candy bowls, and gift cards and getting to the core of what really motivates people and unites them to the team.

In this program, Scott with teach your group how to:

  • Create high-performing teams that collaborate, WOW customers, and improve company culture
  • Become a talent magnet without increasing labor costs
  • Retain employees who solve problems instead of creating them
  • Spend less time recruiting and more time growing your franchise
  • Enjoy the PEACE OF MIND knowing your business is in good hands


The Simple Coaching Method for Making Employees Great

PROGRAM FOCUS: Team Building, Leadership, Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement

Do you want to spend more time growing your business and less time putting out fires? Do you want to build employee skills without losing their enthusiasm? Are you ready to go from “My employees don’t care” to “I couldn’t do it without them”?

Discover Scott’s proven, field-tested management methodology that has leaders raving! Rooted in real-world experience, this simple, hard-skills coaching system will show you how to quickly diagnose an employee’s needs for given situation and prescribe the best corresponding coaching method to boost their performance. Regardless of your title or responsibility, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership will make your life a whole lot easier and their work a whole lot better.

Whether you are a small business owner or a front-runner in a large corporation, if you manage other people, 30-Second Leadership will provide you with immediate, powerful and lasting results.

A fantastic follow-up workshop to any of Scott’s keynotes!

Get ready to see immediate, powerful results that will:

  • Empower your managers with simple, proven steps to engage and INSPIRE their employees
  • Create a common language among management for evaluating employee performance
  • Ensure top employees stay great, feel challenged and elevate others
  • Re-engage employees who may be bored, burnt out or slipping
  • Transform your employees into leaders who will help you grow your business


In the right culture, hourly workers (who are our team members) will do remarkable things. Stop the Shift Show is a powerful playbook for building that culture. Great Job Scott!

Peter Cancro
Founder/CEO, Jersey Mike's Subs

In STOP THE SHIFT SHOW, Scott’s expertise shines through once again, just as he’s done from the stage with our Great Clips franchisees and salon managers. He offers practical, powerful insights and tools for those leading and developing hourly employees. Scott will help you unleash the incredible potential inside your employees and allow you to build a stronger and more successful business.

Rob Goggins
President, Great Clips, Inc.


Turn Your Hourly Workers into a Top Performing Team

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Talent Recruitment, Employee Retention, Leadership Development, Team Management, and Organizational Culture

Navigating the complexities of managing hourly workers can be a daunting task. But what if you could turn this challenge into your competitive advantage? Scott Greenberg, an acclaimed speaker and author, unveils the blueprint for transforming your hourly workforce into a high-performing team—without breaking the bank. Drawing from real-world case studies, cutting-edge hiring metrics, and actionable workforce strategies, this dynamic presentation will equip you with the tools to attract, retain, and lead top talent.

This keynote is a game-changer for:
  • Leaders and managers overseeing hourly workers and diverse teams
  • Organizations stuck in a revolving door of hiring and losing hourly staff
  • Decision-makers seeking actionable coaching techniques for immediate implementation
Attendees will walk away with tools to:
  • A deep understanding of what sets high-performance cultures apart
  • Innovative strategies to attract top talent without inflating labor costs
  • A roadmap to overcome hiring biases and the discipline to wait for the right fit
  • Best practices for recruiting, onboarding, and training that lead to long-term retention
  • “It was great finally witnessing you perform your craft. It was well-received and with 70 owners responding so far, your session got a rating of 4.8 (Out of 5). Here are a few comments:

    ‘INMHO Scott was the best speaker we’ve had. There was so much information provided and I’m looking forward to implementing his processes into my daily life as well as the work life. The 30 second coaching will be a fantastic way to help get myself and employees in the correct mind set of success.”

    ‘Of the last three reunions, I would say he was the best keynote by far. Very relatable with good tangible content that can be put into practice immediately with little effort but still has the ability to make a big impact.’

    Looking forward to working together again in the future!”

    Kitchen Tune-Up
  • “Scott, you’re my hero! As I told you in person yesterday, outstanding job on the presentation. I can NOT tell you the number of positive remarks I received all afternoon and all evening last night about your presentation.

    I even had several vendor/non-Golden Chick folks remark about how useful and timely the approach is even outside our industry, and how it is going to impact how they approach their future business approaches.

    I wanted to say “thank you” again … I know I piled a lot on you in the last week, but your deck and your overall enthusiastic, articulate and approachable presentation was amazing.”

  • “Book him now! We brought Scott in to keynote our annual franchise convention. We asked him to deliver a presentation about how to create the ultimate customer experience. He did more than discuss this; he demonstrated it. He interviewed franchisees, researched our company and gave a presentation that felt completely customized. It was a perfect mix of substance and emotion (which happens to be his formula for creating memorable customer encounters).

    Scott’s presentation was packed with value for our franchisees. He shared practical ideas we could immediately use. The impact has been obvious. With Scott’s help, our brand is now serving customers at an even higher level, enhancing our reputation and improving our bottom line.

    As speakers go, we could not have made a better investment!”

    Batteries Plus Bulbs
    Cathleen Stewart, VP Marketing
  • “Your wit and energy made the time you spent with us fly by and left us eager to hear even more about what franchisees can do to make their business successful. I particularly enjoyed your second segment on building a great team in which you gave us a better understanding of how the millennial’s mind works and tools that you utilize for building a great team.

    I must say I am very picky in choosing our speakers because many presentations give such theoretical advice which doesn’t really influence the bottom line when our franchisees return to their store. You were a breath of fresh air. Your practical and up-to-date information which obviously works in a real-world application was well received and your delivery was superb. Any organization looking for a practical and well delivered message would be fortunate to work with you. Can’t wait to do it again-thank you!”

  • “We were delighted to invite Scott to speak recently at our virtual Leadership in Action conference. Having had to pivot to virtual events for this year, we are aware that these can often be more difficult especially when it comes to engaging the audience.

    Scott was engaging from start to finish with his presentation and delivered it with energy and precision whilst asking the audience for their participation via the chat feature on the conference platform! Scott speaks passionately and provided some valuable insights for our attendees who had lots of questions by the end of the presentation which Scott was very happy to answer.

    Feedback from our delegates since the conference, for Scott, has been great and we will definitely be looking at inviting him to speak for us again in the future.”

    British Franchise Association
  • “Associated Luxury Hotels International recently held a high-end client event focused on mindfulness and intention with an audience of our very best customers in Southern California. We have worked with many speakers in the past and we highly recommend Scott Greenberg. He hit the mark! We were very impressed with Scott’s desire to learn more about our group and how well he customized and diversified his presentation to our audience. The execution was timely, thoughtful and was exactly what we requested. He added humor, a realness, and connection with the audience

    Scott’s front end listening and learning about your objectives allows him to provide a tailored presentation to your needs. Scott was professional, unique, on point and extremely relevant. He made the audience think and many wanted more and inquired about hiring him for future events. We highly recommend Scott Greenberg and appreciate the opportunity we had to work with him.”

    ALHI Global Luxury Sales
  • “We hired Scott because we wanted a dynamic speaker that came from the franchise world to inspire and motivate our franchisees understanding their perspective of being a small business owner, whether they operate one store or thirty stores.

    The response was phenomenal! Scott was both entertaining and informational. He did a tremendous job providing insight on how to not only improve overall customer service, but also how to manage your crew more effectively. ln a post conference survey, Scott received the highest rating of the day, a 5 rating out of 5 point scale.

    Franchisees in particular loved Scott’s humorous delivery of the message points and that-he was “one of them” coming from a franchise background. From a management standpoint, we were very impressed that Scott took the time to learn about our brands, our franchisees and us so that he can customize his presentation to our needs. We highly recommend Scott and would hire him again!”

  • “I wish to compliment you on the seminar you gave to our managers and employees. The esprit de corps you rejuvenated has infected our company. Many of the recommendations you gave our people have already been put in place. I’ve seen and overheard apologies being made between coworkers. You can’t help but hear people greeting each other by name. I could go on and on about the changes in our company since your presentation.

    The research you did to personalize the presentations was overwhelming. Everyone who heard it knew that the seminars were for EDI and EDI alone. I am extremely pleased that your comments will be used in our employee work environment as well as their personal lives. I was shocked by the amount of employees who came up to me to thank me for hiring you. You have undoubtably helped EDI Express to become a better company. On behalf of my partners, I thank you.”

    EDI Express
  • “It was very fitting for us to engage Scott Greenberg and his franchise-focused keynote for our annual conference, as it closely related to the aforementioned dedication to our brand. Our commitment to creating experiences fell seamlessly in line with Scott’s “NEXT-LEVEL Service” piece regarding transforming typical customer experiences into memorable ones that foster strong relationship-building.

    Scott Greenberg opened our event with his high-energy, customized program on mindset, motivation, and peak performance. His Franchise Performance Formula identified the components associated with being a “NEXT-LEVEL Franchise” and the culture that drives success therein.

    We found Scott’s keynote to be very impactful and inspiring; a perfect way to kick off our event and get our attendees excited! Scott did his due-diligence by connecting with several of our franchise owners to better understand our system and delivered an outstanding and applicable session accordingly.

    We would highly recommend Scott Greenberg and will continue to maintain a working relationship with him for future events as well as a resource for business endeavors.”

  • “I recently attended an annual conference for one of my clients where Scott was the keynote speaker. To say I was impressed is an understatement! He not only delivered content that was well-suited for his audience, but did so in an easily digestible and engaging fashion that captured and kept the attention of those in the room.

    I have seen countless keynote speakers in the past few decades and I can state unequivocally that Scott is one of the very best in the business! If you are a franchise organization and are looking for a keynote speaker who is truly a cut above – you should reach out to Scott!”

    Terry Weir
    Senior Consultant, Thomas International
  • “Scott’s delivery was perfect. We were absolutely captivated the whole time he was speaking; not an easy accomplishment with a longer presentation! He was engaging, entertaining, and inspiring. The franchisees were genuinely moved and took away a lasting message of teamwork and continually striving to excel.

    Aside from the fantastic presentation, Scott was a joy to work with and very responsive. He really did his homework to understand our brand. Scott was able to connect to the franchisees at a deep level and brought the kind of third-party credibility that we needed to inspire everyone. He even arrived early the day of the event to check in with me and see if we needed help setting up. Scott was an absolute ‘10 out of 10’!”

    Kara Bowen
    Community Manager, Honey Dew Donuts
  • “We hired Scott as the keynote speaker at our annual franchise conference held last week. Scott’s words impacted every franchise owner and corporate staff member in the audience and motivated all of us to acknowledge our inner heckler and push ourselves to do our best.

    Throughout the remainder of the conference and even into our staff meetings this week people are still talking about his presentation and how it influenced their mindset. The insight and energy that Scott brought to our conference encouraged everyone to take their effort to the next level. I highly recommend Scott if you are looking for an engaging speaker that will give your team the mental tools they need to reach new heights.”

    Brett Roundtree
    Brand Development Director, Skyhawks Sports Academy
  • “After a 3-year hiatus, due to the pandemic, our Franchisees were excited to attend the 2022 RSG franchise convention. It had been so long since our last convention we knew we needed a keynote speaker that would hit it out of the park with great content for our franchise community. Scott Greenberg was the right choice! His energy, demeanor and overall vibe were wonderful! Having been a former franchisee owner, Scott resonated with the franchisees. They felt as if a peer was explaining pain points they could relate to while providing them actionable solutions and takeaways. The feedback from the Franchisees has been very positive!! The convention was a home run!!”

    Vanessa Conde
    Sr. Vice President Global Marketing, RockSolid Granit/TREND Group
  • “Scott was a total hit. The team loved his presentations. They were fully on-point, engaging and entertaining. We have sent out a survey of the various elements of our conference and will have more concrete feedback soon, which I am happy to share. BUT, even my nay-sayers AND top performers had wonderful things to say about Scott’s message (simple, ah-ha, smack-your-head moments). Those were the 2 audiences that I hoped to impress and impress he did.

    Thanks so much for making this such a wonderful experience overall. If there is an opportunity to provide any formal review or if you have any clients wishing to validate with someone, I’d be more than happy to help.”

    Right At Home Canada
  • “Thank you for speaking at our 2022 Global Franchise Conference in San Antonio, TX. Your wealth of knowledge and invaluable advice greatly engaged our franchisees, Team Members, Board of Directors and more. As it relates specifically to franchisees, they appreciate hearing from a leader whose been in their shoes and knows the challenges they’re facing every day. Our franchisees were left feeling invigorated and inspired from your messages of teamwork, how to improve the overall guest experience and how to strive for success.

    It was quickly apparent that you had done your research on our brand and tailored your presentation to suit IHOP and our franchisees. Our franchisees are ready to get back in the restaurants and continue to grow their business. Thank you for motivating our audience and arming them with tools to become more profitable and drive more traffic.”

    Jay Johns, President

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