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Turn your struggling hourly workers into a top-performing team.

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Build A Dream Team — Your Guide To Hourly Workforce Excellence

If you’re the brain of your operation, your hourly workers are the vital heartbeat that keeps the business alive. But here’s the rub: hourly workers are different from other types of employees, and they require a unique approach to management. Forget the old adage of “No I in team”; with Stop the Shift Show, you hold the keys to mastering the minutiae of hourly workforce leadership, and it all begins with you.

Discover how to:

  • Attract high-caliber talent and pinpoint ideal candidates for your positions using tailored interviewing strategies.
  • Boost performance, retain talent, and motivate your team with effective coaching techniques to decrease turnover.
  • Master time management, allowing you to spend less time putting out fires and more on the big picture.
  • Cultivate a healthy workplace culture that fosters a sense of purpose, comradery, and ownership among employees.

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About the Book

In Stop the Shift Show, Scott delivers an engaging blueprint that empowers you to trade judgment for curiosity, cultivating a workplace that thrives in the head, in the heart, and on the floor. Transform your business into a finely tuned, profit-generating machine, fueled by a loyal and motivated workforce.

Say goodbye to the headaches and hello to a high-performing super team. It’s time to turn your shift show into a smash hit!

stop the shift show book cover by scott greenberg


  • In the right culture, hourly workers (who are our team members) will do remarkable things. Stop the Shift Show is a powerful playbook for building that culture. Great Job Scott!

    Peter Cancro
    Founder/ CEO, Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • In Stop the Shift Show, Scott’s expertise shines through once again, just as he’s done from the stage with our Great Clips franchisees and salon managers. He offers practical, powerful insights and tools for those leading and developing hourly employees. Scott will help you unleash the incredible potential inside your employees and allow you to build a stronger and more successful business.

    Rob Goggins
    President, Great Clips, Inc.
  • Stop the Shift Show provides a framework for business owners and managers to build teams that excel, and even more importantly, teams that last.

    Whitney Knight
    Brand Management Director, Hilton
  • With authenticity, candor and a bit of humor, Scott Greenberg calls on all on our s***. Stop the excuses. Stop wishing for the good old days and embrace the new reality: To win we must create a loving, supportive environment for our leaders and teams – doubling down on past efforts. Lofty? Yes, but Scott provides a step-by-step path forward (with case studies) to recruit, to hire and to retain. This is the book we need, now.

    Monica Rothgery
    Chief Operations Officer, KFC US (retired)
  • Scott Greenberg’s Stop the Shift Show is simply great: accessible, actionable, and erudite… Humor & puns? Check! Easy-to-follow tricks to engage and motivate your hourly staff? Check! Management tips from Aristotle? Check! It’s a wonderful read and I’m excited to introduce it to my team.

    Anna Haaland
    Global People Business Systems Director, Costco Wholesale
  • Scott details well strategies and opportunities to win in today’s ever-changing labor market – it’s about creating teams and getting real buy-in. The right tactics are here for any business that relies on the efforts of an hourly workforce to succeed.

    Charles Watson
    Chief Executive Office, Tropical Smoothie Café
  • Kudos to Scott for yet another inspiring guide to leadership that ties together head, heart, and hands. It’s filled with practical tools to uplift hourly workers and enhance your organization. A true game-changer for anyone in a leadership role. I remain a huge Scott Greenberg fan!

    Stacy Anderson
    President, Anytime Fitness
  • Scott Greenberg’s writing takes readers on an enlightening journey, revealing a wealth of strategies that are as powerful as they are relatable. This is the book the workplace desperately needs. I’m excited to share this with as many people as possible!

    Chris Dull
    President & CEO, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
  • Stop the Shift Show isn’t just another management book—it’s a resource that could turn your hourly workforce into an absolute powerhouse. Scott delivers practical strategies, offers game-changing insights for business owners and managers, and knows how to elevate a team’s performance. Whether you’re a new or experienced leader, or at a startup or legacy company, this book can help you build a dream team.

    Jason Feifer
    Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Scott Greenberg’s book, The Wealthy Franchisee, was a game-changer for me helping me understand the dynamics of the franchisee and franchisor as business partners. His new book, Stop the Shift Show, changes the game again by being a wake-up call for anyone in a leadership position employing hourly workers. He challenges us to be more purposeful in how we manage, urging us to understand what our employees truly want rather than placing the blame on them. Scott’s emphasis on changing your mindset from being a mere manager to becoming a great leader will be transformative to your small business. Become the ‘employer of choice’ and read this book!

    Heather Nykolaychuk
    President, Budget Blinds
  • With indispensable advice and a unique blend of humor and storytelling, Stop the Shift Show is a must-read for any leader looking to recruit, retain and develop their hourly workforce into a high-performing team.

    Cathy Susie
    Vice President of Human Resources, Schneider Electric
  • Scott’s firsthand experience and practical takeaways make Stop the Shift Show a must-read for anyone in the franchise sector. IFA’s research consistently tells us the top challenge facing franchisees is employee retention, and applying Scott’s learnings from countless hours of research and practical insights will benefit anyone looking to improve the business they lead and the employees that can make (or break) a business.

    Matt Haller
    President & CEO, International Franchise Association
  • A refreshing departure from generic management advice. This is the ultimate resource for anyone working with frontline employees.

    Amir Shiekh
    Vice President of Operations, Shiekh Shoes

A Message from Scott

“I spent ten years managing hourly workers in my own retail stores. I felt the challenges but then found the solutions. I’ve also found many business owners and managers who have cracked the code to recruiting, retaining and motivating their hourly teams. These are the tactics that have worked for them and will work for you too!”

— Scott Greenberg

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Scott is author of The Wealthy Franchisee: Game-Changing Steps to Becoming a Thriving Franchise Superstar, published by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a VIP contributor to Entrepreneur and a frequent columnist for Nation’s Restaurant News, Global Franchise Magazine, and QSR Magazine. Contact Scott now to discuss how he can help you take your organization to the NEXT LEVEL.

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