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The Wealthy Franchisee Business Breakthrough Program

Boost your sales, inspire your team, and take your franchise business and lifestyle to the next level.

My Franchise Clients Include

The Wealthy Franchisee Business Program At Work

“This is a program that anyone wanting to become a franchisee, of any brand, should take BEFORE becoming a franchisee. This program not only helps set expectations but really puts things in perspective for what life is all about.”

— Jerry DeFeo, V.P. Franchise Operations, Tide Cleaners

“This program has changed our thinking for how to make our franchise locations the best that we can. We’ve learned so much practical and mindset-based knowledge that we are already implementing into our businesses. We actually have a system for leading teams objectively now.”

— Joseph and Jasmine Mims, Franchisees, Lil Coffee Cabin

“Your step-by-step course approach helped me quickly identify what had to change. It most importantly helped me draw a clear roadmap of what I need to do in order to confidently engage in the next phase of growth of my business.”

— Jean-Marc Landry, Franchisee, Spray-Net

Gain Unique Insights, Develop Custom Strategies, And Create Practical Step-By-Step Plans That Help You:

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✓ Optimize the profitability of your franchise

✓ Regain control over your daily schedule

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✓ Improve the overall quality of your life

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✓ Unlock lasting, long-term results

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✓ Follow in the footsteps of proven winners

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new franchisee looking to build a foundation for continued success, an established franchisee looking to take things to the next level, an aspiring franchise owner, or a franchise business manager…the content within this program will help you move forward.

What’s Included

Module 1

Preparing Yourself to Become a Wealthy Franchisee

The first step to progress is understanding your starting point.

In this module, you’ll develop an understanding of where you are in your franchise’s journey and review the steps required to reach your end goal. We’ll also break down the fundamentals of what it means to be a wealthy franchisee and explore strategies for embedding the foundation in your business.

a table, brochure and worksheets displaying module 1 content, preparing yourself to become a wealthy franchisee

Module Objectives

Discover what “wealth” really means, and how you can obtain it

Learn the “Think, Lead, Serve” philosophy of the wealthy franchisee

Understand the Three Factors for Franchise Performance and the “Trigger to Trouble” Process

Resources & Tools

✓ The Business Assessment Wheel – A wheel template for you to assess your progress at the beginning and end of the program in the eight focal areas for being a wealthy franchisee

✓ Understanding Your Business Performance Worksheet – A tracker to list and score the factors impacting the performance of your business

✓ Field Consultant Feedback Questionnaire – A questionnaire to get feedback from your peers to help you boost your performance and grow your business

✓ Find Your Growth Focus: Time Use Assessment – A task list and quadrant to fill in to keep you and your team focused on working smart with your time

Module 2

Cutting Loose Common Franchise Sandbags

When it comes to franchise growth, one of the biggest mistakes people make is focusing on hard skills over the “human factors” of business. If the human elements are neglected, you’ll never reach the level of success you deserve.

In this module, you’ll learn to identify the “sandbags” that hold you down and cut them loose. You’ll also discover how to harness the human elements that distinguish great businesses.

a tablet displaying the negtive self-talk reflection tool plus brochure covers displaying SWOT analysis for module 2

Module Objectives

Identify and avoid common mental blockers

Outsmart your ego, insecurities, and negative beliefs

Develop a SWOT analysis to avoid complacency

Learn to use Franchise Comparison to your benefit

Understand objective metrics for measuring business performance

Resources & Tools

✓ Negative Self-Talk Reflection Tool – A reflection tool to surface insecurities and negative self-beliefs and separate fact from feeling so you can break through the mindset traps which are keeping you stuck

✓ SWOT Analysis – Get clear on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so you always know exactly what to start doing, continue doing, stop doing, and where you need more information

✓ Wealthy Franchisee Metric and Improvement Planner – A simple-to-use improvement tracker for all the KEY metrics which are essential for your business success

✓ The Reality Check Comparison Worksheet – A log of your targets and beliefs relating to other franchisees to give you new ideas to improve your business

Module 3

Building A Team of Superstars

If you view your employees as replaceable means to an end, you’ve already limited your opportunities to grow. Having the right people on your team can make or break your franchise business.

In this module, you’ll discover the importance of workplace philosophy and culture, learn how to make better hiring decisions, and ultimately how to create the high-performing dream team that will help your franchise reach new heights.

a printed quiz titled behavioral interview questions and two brochures covers displaying the culture creation toolkit

Module Objectives

Establish a workplace philosophy

Build a high-performing culture

Overcome hiring biases through discipline

Identify key employee traits and characteristics

Create a “Hiring Matrix” to improve decision making

Resources & Tools

✓ The Culture Creation Toolkit – A guide to help you define your beliefs, rituals, language, purpose, vision, and values and what you can do daily to reinforce your business’s culture

✓ Ideal Employee Profile – Each job requires a specific skill set, this tool will help you identify those specific traits the job requires

✓ The Right Person for the Right Job Hiring Matrix – A tool to evaluate job candidates against your ideal characteristics and overcome hiring bias so you can focus on what matters

✓ Behavioral Interview Questions – A list of interview questions to help determine if job candidates have the qualities you need for the positions you’re filling

Module 4

Employee Coaching: Developing High Performing Independent Leaders

You might think you’re stretched too thin to focus on coaching your employees, but this mindset is setting you up to fail. Spending time helping your employees become independent will pay off big time in the future.

In this module, you’ll receive a crash course in employee coaching with practical tips for success that you can put in your franchise owner toolkit today.

one brochure cover and two tablets displaying module 4 content for the wealthy franchisee program

Module Objectives

Learn when to promote, when to coach, and when to terminate

Discover the importance of coaching

Incorporate coaching into your daily routine

Assess and promote higher skills in your ranks

Optimize employee focus (and performance)

Resources & Tools

✓ 30-Second Leadership Model – A quick-check visual reference for diagnosing where an employee is now in terms of skill set and mindset, with action prompts to guide you on what they need next for training, motivating, and coaching

✓ 30-Second Leadership Practice Quiz – A 10-question quiz with answers and explanations to test and reinforce your mastery of the model

✓ 30-Second Leadership Performance Tracking – A spreadsheet and template to track employees’ skill set and growth, with examples, to help you monitor and improve your employees’ performance and give you a clear view of how they’re progressing

✓ 30-Second Leadership Coaching Tips – A list of powerful suggestions on how to best integrate coaching into your day to make maximum impact on your team members’ performance

Module 5

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Ask the average franchisee what they sell and they’ll give you a list of products. A wealthy franchisee knows that, in addition to burgers or haircuts or fruit baskets, they are selling a FEELING.

In this module, we’ll focus on creating the type of rewarding experience that keeps your customers coming back while encouraging them to tell their friends (and the internet) all about your business.

two brochure covers and a tablet displaying module 5 content for the wealthy franchisee program

Module Objectives

Turn routine transactions into authentic connections

Get to know your customers wants, needs, and feelings

Replace “upselling” with “upserving” and reap the rewards

Understand the three-act structure of customer service

Resources & Tools

✓ The Raving Fan Creator: Determining What Your Customer Values – A worksheet on how to identify what your customers value so you can wrap your operation around honoring those values to make sure they always leave happy

✓ The Customer Influence Triangle – A tool for increasing your influence over customers so you can create more impactful experiences they remember, talk about, and want to repeat

✓ The 3 Acts of Customer Service – A guide on how to construct your 3 acts of customer service to determine how you greet them, how you treat them, and how you complete them to ensure they enjoy and remember the experience

✓ Rules for Customer Engagement – A list of 10 must-do’s to make sure you’re providing the absolute best customer experience

Module 6

Maximizing the Value of Your Royalty

If you are limiting your growth because of your relationship with your franchisor, you are leaving money on the table.

In this module, you’ll gain insight into the franchise partnership, and discover what you can do to generate the best possible outcomes for your business. You’ll be able to communicate and collaborate more constructively with your franchisor, giving you greater access to the support and services you’re already paying for.

two brochure covers and a tablet displaying module 6 franchisor relationship analysis tool

Module Objectives

Facilitate effective franchisor collaboration

Learn to diffuse tension and deal with issues

Focus on building a brand, not just a business

Take advantage of the available resources

Boost profits by utilizing your field support consultant

Resources & Tools

✓ Franchisor Relationship Analysis Tool – A questionnaire and reflection tool to uncover the beliefs you have about your franchisor, identify whether they are fact or feeling, and highlight where you can improve the relationship

✓ Getting Maximum Benefit from Franchisor Resources – A questionnaire to fill out with your field consultant to assess the resources you are currently using, and identify which ones you have yet to take advantage of

✓ Franchise Tension Triggers – A breakdown of the most common sources of tension that pull many franchisees off course

✓ Positive Partnership Comparison – A side-by-side comparison of how wealthy franchisees and struggling franchisees think, behave and work with their franchisor

Module 7

Big Picture, Big Payoff: Thinking Beyond Your Business

The last step towards becoming a wealthy franchisee is focusing on the big picture – community service, your purpose, your mission, and ultimately your profitability.

In this module, you’ll go deeper into your values, the culture of your business, and your place in the world. You’ll also develop big picture strategies and learn how to embed yourself into the local community while earning more profit and more free time.

two brochure covers and a tablet displaying module 7 kit items

Module Objectives

Develop a Big Picture Perspective

Understand the connection between community impact and business growth

Fine-tune your overall purpose and business philosophy

Incorporate your mission into your business

Explore your next steps as a Wealthy Franchisee

Resources & Tools

✓ Philosophy Defining Toolkit – A guide on how to write a meaningful Philosophy Statement for your business, and then operationalizing this philosophy into daily practices that promote better teamwork, better service and more growth

✓ Making A Difference: Your Cause Marketing Plan – A questionnaire and plan to put community and contribution at the heart of your business while still getting results

✓ Business Assessment Wheel – A wheel template for you to assess your progress at the end of the program, compared to where you were at the start, in the eight focal areas for being a wealthy franchisee

Take your franchise to the next level in 14 weeks (or less)

Reduce Your Stress, Regain Your Free Time, and Level Up Your Business Today.

Put Your Franchise on the Path to Profitability with The Wealthy Franchisee Business Breakthrough Program

The Wealthy Franchisee

Business Breakthrough Program

✓ 7 Modules of The Wealthy Franchisee Business Breakthrough Program

✓ All the tools, worksheets, guides, and resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I have access to the materials?

You’ll have immediate access to the Getting Started Module and Module 1 as soon as you join the program. The remaining modules will be released every two weeks. You will have forever access to the program materials, so you can use them whenever you like, now or in the future.

How much time should I set aside per week?

You can go through the modules at your own pace, but you should expect to set aside 2-3 hours per week to complete each module. This includes making changes to grow your business.

How long is the program?

The program is 7 modules and lasts for 14 weeks. The Manager Program is 3 modules and lasts for 6 weeks.

The Wealthy Franchisee Business Program At Work

“This program equips franchisees with tools to understand the human element in their businesses. It also helps franchisees to focus on the elements that will help them to sustain long term success and true wealth.”

— Angela Cassin, Director Of Operations, Round Table Pizza

“My business and abilities have been transformed by Scott Greenberg’s coaching. He has provided valuable advice on areas ranging from the super-practical (e.g. developing an effective interviewing process) to the deeply philosophical. I highly recommend Scott as a coach and mentor for any franchisee.”

— Sean Weinberg, Franchise Owner, Code Ninjas

“He is great at helping me identify my blind spots. Scott is also able to easily diagnose the issues in my franchise business that are holding me back and coming up with solutions.”

— Mark Petro, Franchise Owner, Green Home Solutions

Take your franchise to the next level in 14 weeks (or less)

About Franchise Performance Coach Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg helps franchisees improve their leadership skills and grow their business. For more than two decades he’s worked full-time as a speaker and franchise performance coach, giving presentations throughout the world to franchise clients that include McDonald’s, Great Clips, Anytime Fitness, Wyndham Hotel Group, RE/MAX, Smoothie King and countless other emerging, mid-sized and large franchise organizations. Scott specializes in the human elements of franchise operations that include franchisee mindset and brand culture, employee management and coaching, and customer experience and retention. For ten years Scott was a multi-unit franchisee with Edible Arrangements.

In addition to building a top-ranked flagship location in Los Angeles, Scott acquired a second struggling location and made it profitable within the first year.

two men and a woman standing on stage holding an award and smiling for the camera

Scott and Manager Jennifer Satzman receiving the “Best Customer Service” award from Edible Arrangements Founder/CEO Tariq Farid.

His operation won the Edible Arrangements “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards out of more than 1000 locations worldwide.

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Take your franchise to the next level in 14 weeks (or less)

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