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Developing a Resilient Mindset, Overcoming Adversity & Adapting to Change

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Overcoming Adversity & Adapting to Change

If there’s anything we can expect from our professional lives, it’s the unexpected. The status quo always gets disrupted. It could be a shift in the economy, a new competitor, leadership changes, or the loss of key personnel. You may face regulatory changes or legal challenges. In many cases, changes are made within an organization that stir up anxiety for those expected to adapt. You do your best to prepare, but ultimately, working in the business world is like riding a roller coaster in the dark.

I understand this firsthand. When I had my retail stores, we struggled with construction delays, supply chain issues, price hikes, break-ins, staff shortages, and fierce competition. I’ve raised a child with special needs. I’ve dealt with plenty of unwanted changes, unexpected expenses, canceled flights, and lots of LA traffic. Like you, my life has been a combination of highs and lows, peaks and valleys. I’ve been through financial scares (you try working as a motivational speaker during the pandemic—even as a resilience speaker!)

My inspiration to fight through tough times has always been my late grandmother. I was a 22-year-old film student at NYU when unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. I quickly connected my struggle for survival with lessons from her incredible life. At that same age, my grandmother was rounded up by the Nazis, sent to a concentration camp, and later transferred to Auschwitz. She lost her entire family, but miraculously was saved by Oscar Schindler (of “Schindler’s List” fame), who made room for her to work in his factory so she could survive the war.

She had very little agency during those years as a camp prisoner—so much she couldn’t control. She got through it one day at a time. She would go on to marry, have children, start a business, emigrate to America, and live a rich, full life. I grew up hearing her incredible stories of resilience. What struck me wasn’t how she survived, just the fact that she did. She proved that humans can bounce back, even when the odds are against them. That concept alone has been enough to give me hope during my darkest moments.

When I reflect on the highs and lows of my life, I notice two significant things. The first is that every low has been followed by a high. The second is that my highest bounces have actually been caused by the lows. My challenges have propelled me forward and upward. While it’s unpleasant facing adversity, there’s value in the journey; it forces us to grow.

To minimize pain and maximize gain, you must begin with a resilient mindset. Problem-solving is important, but you need to act. But first, you need to cope. You need to control your inner thoughts so you can better manage your outer circumstances.

That’s how I can help. As a resilience speaker, I share inspiring stories and practical tools that help people overcome adversity and adapt to change. I’ll provide your group with perspective, encouragement, and a clearer path forward. I’ll explain the risks of relying on the status quo and help them lean into the new policies and practices they’ll need in order to continue thriving.

But unlike other overcoming adversity speakers who tell their story and then say, “…and you can, too!”, I’ll keep the focus on your audience. I’ll share my own journey (stories are powerful), but always connect it to what your organization is facing. I don’t want a standing ovation for what I’ve survived. I want your group to jump out of their chairs to go slay their own dragons. I want them to bounce as quickly and as high as possible. They’ll leave with a resilient mindset, ready to navigate the changes and challenges facing them.

Some of the big ideas we’ll discuss include:

Developing a Resilient Mindset:

How you think is as important as what you do. I will teach teams how to disrupt the ‘trigger-to-trouble’ process to help keep emotions in check and navigate with clarity through changing circumstances.

Leaning into Change:

Change initiatives are often met with resistance. Teaching teams how to reframe their perspective ensures your organization is better equipped to move into success.

Clarity vs. Positivity:

How do you turn a lemon into lemonade? You sugarcoat it. That’s not part of a resilient mindset. Overcoming adversity is about controlling your emotions and restoring your objectivity so you can make smarter decisions.

Collective Support:

There’s strength in numbers. A resilient mindset is great, but a culture of resilience is even better.

If your group needs direction, encouragement, and a fresh take on their circumstances, I’d love to speak with you about how I can help!

What Makes Scott an Expert in Resilience, Overcoming Adversity, and Adapting to Change:

  • Decades of experience as a motivational speaker with a focus on business resilience and staying ahead of the curve
  • Two-time cancer survivor, marathon runner, and grandson of “Schindler’s List” holocaust survivor
  • 10+ years running two retail stores (Edible Arrangements), navigating through constant changes and challenges
  • Franchise awarded “Best Customer Service” and “Manager of the Year” out of more than 1000 locations worldwide

Contact Scott today help guide your group and get a fresh take on their circumstances.

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