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Scott Greenberg has over 10 years of experience as a multi-unit, award-winning franchise owner of Edible Arrangements, whose operation has won him international recognition. He’s recognized as the “Franchise Influencer.” 3 Key Takeaways: 1) High performing people take on more responsibility. 2) “People learn from failure stories as much as they learn from success stories.”...
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Franchisor Support
Stop Upselling & Start Upserving How to Grow Your Business With Better Service Instead of Just Bigger Sales “Would you like fries with that?” Whether you eat fast food or not, you’ve heard this question a thousand times. You go somewhere to buy something, and they try to sell you something additional. Upselling, also known...
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Is Your Brand Tattoo-Worthy? My Client’s Is What the Anytime Fitness Franchise Can Teach Us About Customer Service And Becoming the Ultimate Cult Brand I’ve spoken in front of a lot of franchise brands, but the folks from Anytime Fitness were different. I was told they’d be an enthusiastic group, but I’ve seen that before....
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Customer service program
With experience comes comfort. That’s not always good. When we get complacent in our business, our job or our relationships, we start to disengage. That’s when quality suffers. To prevent this, I tell business leaders and franchisees to “live every day like’s it’s your first.” The first time we do something, we’re focused. We’re careful....
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Business have always complained about competition. But now that you can buy products and services more conveniently and cheaply on the web, how can a brick-and-mortar business compete? The same way they always have — by providing customers with a superior experience they can’t get anywhere else.
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Top Rated Motivational Speaker San Diego
Just got listed as “#1 Motivational Speaker in San Diego” on . Not bad, especially considering I live in Los Angeles! There’s an interview with me, as well.
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Scott Greenberg Motivational Speaker