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Understanding The Differences Between Hourly Employees vs Those on Salary “I don’t know what’s wrong with these people! I pay them fairly. I buy them pizza and celebrate their birthdays. I treat ‘em like family. And still, they’re constantly calling out. They move slowly. They ghost me. They complain about stress. I can’t believe how...
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Franchisor Support
Do you ever feel like your franchise corporate office isn’t doing enough to support you? You may be right, but I’ll bet you’re not. For most franchisees the problem isn’t getting help. It’s taking it. -Do you read all the emails and messages your corporate office sends you? -Have you gone through the online materials...
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Top Rated Motivational Speaker San Diego
Just got listed as “#1 Motivational Speaker in San Diego” on Thumbtack.com . Not bad, especially considering I live in Los Angeles! There’s an interview with me, as well.
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Scott Greenberg Motivational Speaker