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Want more Franchisor Support? Maybe You’ve Already Got It

Franchisor Support

Do you ever feel like your franchise corporate office isn’t doing enough to support you?

You may be right, but I’ll bet you’re not. For most franchisees the problem isn’t getting help. It’s taking it.

-Do you read all the emails and messages your corporate office sends you?

-Have you gone through the online materials and watched the videos your franchisor provides?

-How often do you read the reports or use all the features in your POS or back office system?

-Do you communicate/schedule time with your field support rep outside of regular visits?

-Do you attend all of your franchise conferences, regional meetings or performance groups?

While I hear franchisees complain that their corporate office isn’t doing enough to support them, what I hear a lot more often is franchisors complaining that franchisees don’t use all the resources made available to them.

I know some franchisors are better than others. But maybe yours is better than you think. Until you’ve used every form of support they provide, you won’t really know.

You’re paying a royalty for ongoing support and resources. It’s crazy not to use them. I understand how busy you are running your business. But I promise, if you make time to use the resources made available to you, ultimately, it’ll save you time and help you grow your business a lot quicker.

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