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McDonald’s Isn’t Banking on Robots Solving the Labor Crisis Faced with a challenging labor market, some of the biggest restaurants in the country have transformed robotics into a mainstream alternative. As a business resilience speaker, this is one of my areas of interest. Chipotle is the best example. The fast casual not only began testing […]

The Metrics You Need to Monitor To Run a Great Business

      “So, how’s business?” I was interviewing a franchise owner prior to my keynote for his brand and inquired about how things were going. “Well, you know how they say most new businesses close within the first year? It’s been 18 months and we’re still here!” He had no idea how he was […]

New Article in What Franchise Magazine

What Franchise Magazine just published my article entitled “The Three Characteristics of Wealthy Franchisees” (in Volume 16, Issue 6). In the piece I discuss the three common traits I observed among the successful franchisees (whom I call “wealthy franchisees”) I interviewed for my book. Here’s what I noticed: Wealthy Franchisees keep a clear head. Wealthy franchisees […]

Enterprise Podcast Network Interview

Just interviewed on the Enterprise Podcast Network to talk about franchise success and my new book, The Wealthy Franchisee. Host Eric Dye I discussed: The definition of a “wealthy franchisee” The most common myths about why top franchisees are succeed The most common problems I see among franchise business owners What makes top franchisees different […]

Three Essential Tactics of Top Franchisees

Successful Franchisees

      My work has allowed me to meet the top-ranked franchisees from a variety of industries and brands. When you speak to enough of them, you see what they all have in common. Is it hard work? Yes, they work hard. But so do other franchisees whose rankings aren’t as high. Do they […]

Franchise Today Interview

Just interviewed on the Franchise Today podcast about franchise success and my new book, The Wealthy Franchisee. Take a listen!        

Social Geek Radio Interview

Just interviewed on the Social Geek Radio podcast about franchise success and my new book, The Wealthy Franchisee. Take a listen!      

How Smart Business Owners are Navigating the Pandemic

Business Resilience

We’ve all heard the expression “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The idea is that working through adversity makes you tougher and wiser. Most of us grow not just from what we’ve experienced, but from what we’ve endured. It’s easy to embrace this idea once you’ve overcome adversity and are in a stable place. […]

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