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Are You Failing Your Frontline Workers?

Understanding The Differences Between Hourly Employees vs Those on Salary “I don’t know what’s wrong with these people! I pay them fairly. I buy them pizza and celebrate their birthdays. I treat ‘em like family. And still, they’re constantly calling out. They move slowly. They ghost me. They complain about stress. I can’t believe how […]

Scott Greenberg, Business Resilience Speaker

McDonald’s Isn’t Banking on Robots Solving the Labor Crisis Faced with a challenging labor market, some of the biggest restaurants in the country have transformed robotics into a mainstream alternative. As a business resilience speaker, this is one of my areas of interest. Chipotle is the best example. The fast casual not only began testing […]

Why You Should Ditch the Golden Rule

“I treat them the way I want to be treated. It’s as simple as practicing the golden rule.” As a motivational franchise speaker, I was preparing to keynote for a chain of quick-service restaurants and I asked one of their franchisees what he does to provide good customer service. He shared the same belief I’ve […]

10 Fictional TV Small Businesses and the Lessons They Offer

One thing I’ve realized as a motivational franchise speaker is that just because a business isn’t real, doesn’t mean it can’t inspire. Without the burden of actually having to make money with their fictional franchise concepts, Hollywood has brought to the public a number of memorable brands offering all kinds of insight. Let’s take a […]

What Preschools Get Right and Franchisors Get Wrong

Before I was a motivational franchise speaker, I was a franchisor and when my son’s preschool was about to go under, I immediately hired his teacher to manage my Edible Arrangements franchise. Jennifer actually had experience running a flower shop prior to becoming an educator and I saw how well she ran my son’s class. I […]

The Metrics You Need to Monitor To Run a Great Business

      “So, how’s business?” I was interviewing a franchise owner prior to my keynote for his brand and inquired about how things were going. “Well, you know how they say most new businesses close within the first year? It’s been 18 months and we’re still here!” He had no idea how he was […]

New Article in What Franchise Magazine

What Franchise Magazine just published my article entitled “The Three Characteristics of Wealthy Franchisees” (in Volume 16, Issue 6). In the piece I discuss the three common traits I observed among the successful franchisees (whom I call “wealthy franchisees”) I interviewed for my book. Here’s what I noticed: Wealthy Franchisees keep a clear head. Wealthy franchisees […]

Enterprise Podcast Network Interview

Just interviewed on the Enterprise Podcast Network to talk about franchise success and my new book, The Wealthy Franchisee. Host Eric Dye I discussed: The definition of a “wealthy franchisee” The most common myths about why top franchisees are succeed The most common problems I see among franchise business owners What makes top franchisees different […]

Three Essential Tactics of Top Franchisees

Successful Franchisees

      My work has allowed me to meet the top-ranked franchisees from a variety of industries and brands. When you speak to enough of them, you see what they all have in common. Is it hard work? Yes, they work hard. But so do other franchisees whose rankings aren’t as high. Do they […]

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