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One thing I’ve realized as a motivational franchise speaker is that just because a business isn’t real, doesn’t mean it can’t inspire. Without the burden of actually having to make money with their fictional franchise concepts, Hollywood has brought to the public a number of memorable brands offering all kinds of insight. Let’s take a...
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How to avoid owner entitlement with younger employees Before I became an employee hiring and retention speaker, my first real job at age 13 was working at our family ice cream store in San Diego’s popular Seaport Village. The store was run by my grandfather, who learned how to lead people serving in the U.S....
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Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion are useful for attracting new talent As a hiring and retention speaker, the biggest topic my clients are asking for right now is anything related to attracting, finding and retaining employees. I explain that the first rule of attraction is being attractive — creating a work environment that not only...
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