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  Attracting and Retaining Customers and Employees Comes Down to These Two Skills   Ever heard a business owner say they’re in “the people business?” As a hiring and retention keynote speaker, I hear it all the time. I make a living giving presentations to franchise systems, associations and corporations. I like to ask audience...
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As a hiring and retention keynote speaker, I work with a large number of franchises and restaurants. And I draw lessons from anywhere I can. Last year I attended the Los Angeles Chargers home opener against the Dallas Cowboys. You’d never know the game was in Los Angeles, as the stadium was overrun by the...
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  As an employee retention & hiring speaker speaker and former owner of an Edible Arrangements franchise, I understand the frustrations and pitfalls of interviewing candidates who seem perfect for the job, only to find them gone within a few months of hiring them I really wanted to like Nina. We had an open position...
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