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Finding Franchise Opportunities With Broker Consultant Groups

As a motivational franchise keynote speaker, I’ve noticed that when unemployment increases… so does interest in franchising. Not having a job opens people to new opportunities. For some, it’s easier to pursue their dreams when there’s nothing holding them back, including a stable job. That seems to be the case now after COVID-19 has dramatically […]

Busting the Myths of Franchising

During my event preparation as a motivational franchise keynote speaker, I always interview franchisees from the brand I’ll be addressing. Over the years I’ve met a lot. I ask the best ones why they’re successful. I see who they are and what they do. Then I talk to the struggling franchisees and ask them what […]

The Key to Recruiting and Retention in a Post-Pandemic Labor Market

It all starts with the one factor that is completely within your control. Companies are scrambling to staff up their businesses. Many are throwing money at the problem by offering higher starting salaries, and in some cases cash just for applying. Many I’ve been talking to use the word “desperate” to describe how they feel. […]

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