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How Franchise Owners Can Use Customer Service

Nothing projects mediocrity better than this tired, dusty greeting. You know it well, because you’ve heard it thousands of times.

What Hollywood Movies Can Teach Us About Creating Customer Experiences

I observed that good cinematic stories are generally written in three distinct acts designed to create and sustain a dramatic journey for the audience.

Five Ways Franchise Owners Destroy Their Teams

“You just can’t find good help these days.” I hear this from other franchisees all the time. It’s tempting to blame the labor pool.

Motivational speaking advice for George W. Bush

Bush is probably the least articulate buckraking ex-president ever. So I called a few motivational speakers to ask what advice they could offer him.

Keep Your Emotions in Check While Running a Business

Running a business is intense. You’ve invested your own money or, more likely, borrowed money you have to pay back.

OK, Maybe You Should Run Your Franchise Like a Circus

A franchise expert offers a mea culpa and shares valuable lessons for franchisees.

Stop Running Your Franchise Like a Circus!

While that might be a bit overstated, there's no doubt running a business is a risky endeavor without much of a safety net.

Formula for Franchise Success

During the months between signing my franchise agreement and opening my store, I continued traveling and giving presentations.

Finding Post-Pandemic Franchise Opportunities

When unemployment increases, so does interest in franchising. Not having a job opens people to new opportunities.

Become a thriving franchise superstar

New book can help you become a thriving franchise superstar.

The KPIs Every Franchisee Should Monitor

Meaningful Metrics: The KPIs Every Franchisee Should Monitor.

Three Factors of Franchise Success

Understanding The Three Factors of Franchise Success: Circumstances, Operations, and Humanity
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