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4 Essential Skills That Make or Break Franchise Restaurants

Franchisees need these competencies to get the most ROI from their businesses.

Social Geek Rock Stars: Letting Go of Perfection

Are you a perfectionist in your work? Your image online? Just how perfect can our lives be on social media? And now with AI, it might be getting worse!

The Wealthy Franchisee: 10 ideas for supporting mental health in workplace

Even just implementing a few of these ideas could make a significant impact on your employees.

5 Ways Franchisors Can Improve Communications With Franchisees

When busy people need to exchange ideas, the message doesn’t always come across. Franchisors have lots to share with franchisees, so careful communication is critical to ensure they get the information they need to thrive. Here are five ways to keep the info flowing smoothly:
Scott Greenberg Motivational Speaker