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Before I was a motivational franchise speaker, I was a franchisor and when my son’s preschool was about to go under, I immediately hired his teacher to manage my Edible Arrangements franchise. Jennifer actually had experience running a flower shop prior to becoming an educator and I saw how well she ran my son’s class. I...
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As a motivational franchise keynote speaker, I’ve noticed that when unemployment increases… so does interest in franchising. Not having a job opens people to new opportunities. For some, it’s easier to pursue their dreams when there’s nothing holding them back, including a stable job. That seems to be the case now after COVID-19 has dramatically...
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During my event preparation as a motivational franchise keynote speaker, I always interview franchisees from the brand I’ll be addressing. Over the years I’ve met a lot. I ask the best ones why they’re successful. I see who they are and what they do. Then I talk to the struggling franchisees and ask them what...
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