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10 Tips for Studying

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1.) Do the hard stuff first. You’ll need your best energy.
2.)Take notes on everything. The process of note-taking (active listening) helps you retain information more effectively.
3.)Establish a routine and stick to it. This will ensure your studying gets done.
4.)Find a good time and place. I was pretty social in college, so I had to hide away in the library to keep myself from getting distracted by friends and phone calls.
5.)Review material immediately before and after class. Try to schedule some free time between classes to allow yourself to do this.
6.)Get your work done early. Avoid finishing papers the night before.
7.)Your work will be of higher quality when not completed under stressful conditions.
8.)Form study groups. But make sure your time together is about studying. 9.)Some people make great friends but poor study partners.
10.)Sit up front. Studies have shown that students who sit up front tend to get more out of class.
11.)Get to know your instructors. They are valuable mentors. Ask questions and visit them during office hours. And if they know you, they’re more likely to grant you extensions on assignments and alternate test taking times when needed.
12.)Take care of your health. Your studying will be more effective when you eat well, exercise and rest

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